Steel-Land Metal Products Corporation is an importer, exporter, wholesaler and retailer of various steel products such as hot rolled sheet/coil, cold rolled sheet/coil, G.I. sheets, channel bars, i-beams, wide flanges, "c" & "z" purlins, flat bars, angle bars, round bars, pipes, built-up beams & channels, stainless steel, shafting and other construction materials.

Steel-Land Metal Products Corporation has an ambitious plan and has set its sights to achieve greater heights. Having a long-term vision, Steel Land focused towards continual expansion and diversification, be export-orientated and to become competitive in the world market.

The company will evolve and adopt the business strategies to ensure its competitive edge in a fast changing environment.


Cadiz Steel Rolling Mill 

for Deformed Bars and Wire Rod 


The journey ahead for the group into the next millennium will be longer and more demanding but the company will prepare itself well for it and is determined and committed to achieve its long term goals.

Steel-Land Metal Products Corporation intends eventually to achieve a position of an integrated global corporation.